DIN EN15085-2 and IWS EWS competence

Obako AB works according to railway standard "DIN EN 15085-2" which concerns railway vehicles, which includes that we work according to DIN 9002 and EN3834.

What is EN 15085

EN 15085 is a standard for ensuring the quality of welded structures performed on railway vehicles. Earlier corresponding standard DIN6700 were replaced by EN 15085 in late 2007.

Download the current EN 15085 certificate

We have personnel with EWS competence and our welders are qualified according to SS-EN 287.
Specification and approval of welding procedures is done according to EN 288-3.

We are a proud supplier of the pipe construction that is located in the front of the new French high speed train "New pendolino". We have formed the pipe frame that is under the hood.

We have also delivered the pipe system for the Swedish manufacture of Combat/Patrol Boats.

Examples of Our Customers

  • Dellner
  • Huddig
  • Dockstavarv
  • Logosol
  • Sanco
  • Hägglunds
  • Edmolift
  • Volvo
  • Koenigsegg Automotive AB
  • Parker Hannifin