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We have worked with tube bending since 1987

We specialize in tube bending and profile bending. We build pipe systems and tube constructions for machine builders and facilities.

Today we are a system supplier to several satisfied customers. We deliver complete system deliveries ready for mounting or semi-fabricated according to customer wishes. Is tube constructions involved in your product, contact us.

Together with that we are authorized subcontractor to Parker and has a very wide network of subcontractors to ensures that we can provide complete system deliveries and tube solutions that are surface treated and ready for assembly.

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Now we start our work with integrating a new robot in production. The aim is to be able to use the benefits a "collaborating robot" can give a company that works with smaller series in several different production solutions. A unique new technology that enables a completely new way of utilizing robot technology in smaller companies in a new and flexible way.


April 2015

A hall for tube bending
We move into the new machine hall.
Our new machine hall is now complete and we are at this moment in the process of moving machinery to the new hall. We now have five sections, all with good premises for the business, the Cut and deburr, Pipe bending and forming, machining, welding and joining, assembly and packaging.

Knowledge is coming soon, but wisdom lingers.