About us and tube bending

OBAKO AB is an engineering workshop specialized in pipe and profile bending. We started our business in 1987. Obako has 9 employees.

  • We supply everything from simple jobs to complete system solutions,surface finished and fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • We have a suitable machine park with modern machines for pipe and profile bending, punching, pressing, cutting, tig-welding and mig/mag welding.
  • Our staff are qualified operators and workmen in their area. With these resources, we invite customers who demand complete system solutions with high finish and precision. We have a network of excellent suppliers to insure complete high quality system delivery.
  • Obako works according to ISO 9002 and EN15085-2.
  • We have an MPS-system that supports material traceability.

See the movie: CNC pipe bending
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Employees at Obako AB will, in the best manner, fulfill the requirements from our customers, so that we can deliver the right product or service at the right time and it doesn't matter if it concerns small jobs or complete system solutions.

We must all be keenly attuned to the requirements from our customers, so that we can cooperate effectively to meet our customers needs. Our daily goal is to do things right and never hand over anything that is second rate.


To meet the environmental standards set by our customers, we actively and transparently improve our handling of environmental issues within all levels of the company. To develop continuously, we collaborate with our customers and suppliers to accumulate experience and technical knowledge.